Equip your organization with fire safety measures

One of the frequent mishaps that could occur in multi storied enterprises are fire accidents. These fire accidents influence the possibility of theft, physical injuries, burns and loss of intellectual or materialistic property. Workers and employees are the greatest treasure of every organization. Their lives and safety matter the most. It is necessary to keep your workplace well prepared and equipped to face such consequences without panic.

As an organization’s boss it is your duty to ensure that necessary safety precautions are taken well in advance.

Fire protection tools:

Fire extinguisher: Make sure that each floor of your building has a fire extinguisher on either sides of stairs. Also, learn and train your staffs to use a fire extinguisher

Water sprinklers and Smoke detectors: Equip water sprinklers in the ceiling along the pathway to the lobby. Never block sprinklers as it may affect their functionality which is
primarily based on sensors.

Place firefighting equipment at an easily accessible place, so that you don’t waste time looking out for them during fire. Don’t hinder the way to emergency exits by stacking up goods.

Evacuation chairs: Evacuation chairs enable safe evacuation of those with mobility difficulties during an emergency; thereby allowing them to tackle corridors and stairs with ease.

Fire exit equipment: You can equip your organization with tools like panic bars, emergency push pads, escape ladders etc.

Exit sign boards: Emergency lighting, illuminated exit signs, boards with fire safety signs, ID and action signs should be placed at appropriate places.

Escape hoods and masks:
These safety gears shall help you to safely escape in case of a fire. It gives you nearly 15 minutes to flee through potentially toxic gases.

Safety measures:

Always keep in mind that “Prevention is better than cure”. You may follow the steps recommended below to prevent a fire outbreak in your valuable workplace.

  • Train and educate the staffs and workers how to react during a sudden fire. You may also have a mock session to help them get an idea of how to face fire accidents.
  • Keep all the above mentioned tools in accessible reach to benefit from their functionality. The safety tools have to be placed essentially where inflammable products are stocked.
  • Moreover, store chemicals and flammable substances that your company needs in a dry, secure closet or room that has adequate ventilation.
  • Smoking should be strictly prohibited within the complex.
  • Inspect every minute electrical hazard as mostly fires are caused due to faulty wiring and malfunctioning of electrical gadgets.

Last but foremost, maintenance is the prime necessity to protect yourself from such unhappy incidents. Check whether your electric lines and fire safety tools like sensors and alarms are in proper working condition once in every couple of months.

How to behave during a fire breakout?

  • Once you hear the ring of the fire alarm, start moving towards the exit at the closest proximity to you.
  • Stay calm and don’t rush along the way. Activate the fire alarm if you were the first to detect the fire outbreak.
  • Dial 911 to seek emergency assistance if needed. Follow the sign boards and reach the exit point.
  • You may use the emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers if you know how to use them properly .
  • Never use elevators during a fire accident; prefer using staircase.
  • Before you open a closed door, ensure that the handles are not hot.
  • In case of dense smoke, try to stay low and wear hoods and masks to protect yourself.
  • If you’re helplessly trapped, don’t lose hope. Wait for the firemen to arrive and rescue you.
  • Stay positive no matter what is happening around you and the Almighty will definitely show a safe way out for you.

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