Design a secure lobby for your workplace

Your company’s lobby is the portal between your organization’s public and private zone. Here public zone refers to the parking lot or the area surrounding your building whereas private zone is the environment inside your premises where you allow your employees, staff and invited visitors. The intermediate portal- ‘Lobby’ is basically the entry point to your office.

Designing a lobby with enhanced security measures would allow you to properly control access into the building eliminating the need for additional security measures to be provided at the interior.

While many lobbies are designed to appear aesthetically beautiful, many fail to meet the essential security standards.

Designing a secure lobby:

Transparent glass doors:

The receptionist should be able to completely view the people who are going to enter the building so that she could be well prepared in advance to greet the incoming visitor and to register the check in process. Moreover, the receptionist would be able to monitor strangers or suspicious individuals present outside the entrance.

Barrier to the interior

Separate the reception desk from the interior private space of the employees by means of a physical barrier. This would prevent the unauthorized visitors from sneaking or roaming into the private segment of the workplace. Physical barriers separating each cabin would be advisable to keep discussions within boundaries.

Block the alternate ways

While designing a workplace ensure that the reception desk is situated ahead of stairs and elevators. If not, the visitors may skip the check-in registration process and gain access inside your premises. If there are staircase and elevators ahead of your lobby, block their access or ensure that the access is restricted only to authenticated staffs.

Multiple Reception Desks

Having separate lobby for employees and visitors would help to organize the check in process more easily. This would eradicate the delay that an employee might face due to overcrowding of visitors. Moreover, each receptionist can focus entirely on a single mode of check in.

Go for a virtual receptionist!

Your reception desk is the first phase of safety defense. You no longer have to rely on receptionist and clerks to manage your company’s check in process. You can opt for virtual visitor management application- Visitdesk to replace the traditional practice of log books and signing sheets. With Visitdesk’s Qr check in, OTP verification and safe maintenance of collected details your database will remain safe and secured. Visitdesk is a feature-loaded smart visitor management system that would certainly give you the best seamless experience managing your workplace. To sign up Visitdesk, click here